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Trophy Wife 花瓶一样的老婆

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Neil: Today we're going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.


*snO.B%Ou0Helen: 我们来一块儿学习英语中出现的新鲜词汇短语和习惯表达。那 Neil,今天我们学习的新词是什么呢?


n d!dC7U0Neil: Today's new expression is trophy wife.


~6}W,X~&Hs0Helen: Trophy wife,在 wife 前面加个 trophy,这是什么意思呢?商务英语词汇L o&DH'F v)}1tH

r.^f"d4pw&hW){cs0J0Neil: Well, we all know what wife means.

XRL sn b&^*_k0 商务英语词汇VdA;}+B3guY4w

Helen: Wife 我敢肯定,人家都知道这就是妻子,老婆的意思。商务英语词汇R8}Q.?&l8eH|0O

J&V+Q8a8Wb-S0Neil: And a trophy is a medal, something you can show off to your friends and family. 商务英语词汇:v#Yr2Dm ^e

$fm| n(W;E9gX0Helen: 嗯,trophy 的意思也挺简单的,就是奖章,奖杯的意思。但是它和 wife 一起说的话,又代表什么呢?商务英语词汇 u#ip[v:?7vZ#u+l8p

商务英语词汇*B~ KJ sghg

Neil: A trophy wife is a beautiful, young wife that proves you have been successful, as a businessman, for example.

/s z`5l4XM2`)~5d0

K8Q aN Xr0Helen: 哦,我明白了。A trophy wife 就是一个年轻漂亮姑娘嫁给了一个很有钱的男人。那不就是我们常说的绑大款嘛?!那么对男人来说,这样的老婆也只不过是个花瓶罢了。那一般我们都在什么场合用这个词呢?商务英语词汇-aPG:Du

2ok;uI~G8XlHQ)b"v0Neil: Well, it's an informal word, and it is a negative thing to say about somebody.


u0M?k-H@0Helen: 这是个贬义词,一般用在非正式场合。


T'E0vG ?Q.OZ w0Neil: Yes. Don't say "Ah, this is Helen. She's my trophy wife".

bN1kt N4\0

c/tF `tD#|rx1f,St7l0
R!IL0qTk.o0A: Have you seen his wife? She's very pretty, but she must be 20 years younger than him!商务英语词汇#l i&k Y%_I5JH

%{Y&f]2Iyq)o0B: At least! But you know John – he's a millionaire. He wanted a trophy wife to show off at parties, and she just wanted his money!商务英语词汇+TOFRC6n+k8uG

F0r5ie)?dGQL0Neil: In the USA, many rich businessmen have trophy wives.商务英语词汇s]L;Luh9s9{

g2D"TV;]#X0Helen: 真的吗?在美国很多有钱的商人都有个象花瓶一样的老婆。商务英语词汇 {g2[[ R:_3tl9_

pE3I@G Pw0Neil: Yes. In Beverly Hills you need a sports car, a big house and a trophy wife.


5o`k z4B0Helen: I see. So could you see yourself having a trophy wife, then, Neil?商务英语词汇,X`$W A4X.E4tX3_

商务英语词汇O$js Y X

Neil: I don't think so!

k"Ylc;_g$Epc\0 商务英语词汇#WvB\,E {

Helen: Why not?

Jf D-J[CLd4Z0 商务英语词汇2MF"T1[ ]9j%B

Neil: I want a woman who loves me. It shouldn't matter if I'm rich or poor.

/vl IF9eEJ,yR7Z0 商务英语词汇|,H4l'[KD6J

Helen: 贫穷或者富有都不重要的,最重要的是拥有一个爱你的人。商务英语词汇/P ^ H0l_&fnI]

D+w/uK!z(@0Neil: Anyway, let's recap – trophy wife – means a young, attractive wife married to a successful, rich, often older man.商务英语词汇*L%Ja-a)~

商务英语词汇+BH;Br\co X W

Helen: 那么 trophy wife 就是那些很有钱的大老板娶回家的漂亮年轻的妻子,这些有钱人一般年纪都很大。

4Y*R3w&P ] hyY }:J m0
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