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kr?8lFGT,_0outbound travel:出境游商务英语词汇k9{1A5D+O#P

rf&_+Qlj/h0Outbound travel by Chinese citizens started in 1997 with destinations consisting merely of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines as well as China's Hong Kong and Macao. Only 5.32 million Chinese citizens traveled abroad the same year, the official said.

PJ5Dj c.K9wa6j])C7Q$T0

f Y6sS7uz0blockbuster:巨片、大片商务英语词汇:Ne.nd#T

4c)l,p-K!H)m/A0Hong Kong blockbusters swept the major prizes of Taiwan's 42nd Golden Horse Film Awards, considered one of the top awards events of the Chinese-language film industry.商务英语词汇kx V.rV&}8K


money broker:货币经纪人

h!o(haLq,n ww0 商务英语词汇H#R!fkSu;W+Z u

China's banking regulator on Friday published detailed rules for the implementation of provisions to manage money brokers.

#@'D5Zc$`$Hz5U0 商务英语词汇*k] fm;F&P:|D^

smooth over:消除商务英语词汇xDc;}#[v'H|TS

Z,i6~GO]0The accord is aimed at smoothing over a rough spot in the US-China trade relationship before President George Bush visits Beijing in the middle of this month.商务英语词汇;i8uTT'ZUe H



商务英语词汇a3| d m)y i4^P

A financial reshuffle by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which was transformed into a joint stock company, is more or less finished.商务英语词汇0aRzwh2Pr+BZ


severence pay:解雇金商务英语词汇#f*N x;yMV l2y

!dt3I2A _u@eC5g0“Laying of workers is a tough decision to make because of the strong relation with workers and the high severance pay,” he said.

W6\$y%mK"}x0 商务英语词汇? zy{ XH

cutoff point:起征点

\+\Q:v2y1T7q)y0 商务英语词汇-P!{!e[Xt

China's monthly personal income tax cutoff point was lifted to 1,600 yuan from 1,500 yuan after drawing on public opinions from the first-ever legislature hearing held on Sept. 27.

}GJ2A}E1z0 商务英语词汇K2Jl o8?:j4wM"s-BC

write off:勾销债款商务英语词汇1?msVGn#aK9r

商务英语词汇 bAfPm-q)^vN.t_u

Reform measures, including 2 billion yuan (US$246 million) in central bank bills to help write off bad loans as well as efforts to improve management, have already yielded results.商务英语词汇UEm {8V

T"_c/C2F1E$w0upstart:暴发户;新贵商务英语词汇 Qp.\!TO|Qp;c_

Pr;W}"D@vF0j~0Facing intense competition both from global rivals like General Motors Corp. and domestic upstarts like Chery Automobile Co., VW has seen its market share drop to 18 percent, from well over 50 percent in the 1990s.商务英语词汇ok'd7Q!p9\Q K

商务英语词汇 B6uw/cD4N]{ qbx5gj

buy into:买入股票商务英语词汇!hY7m:G9?.JoZ

x(jxMn0Once finalized, the deal would mark the European firm's first direct investment in China's banking industry, after it lost a bid to buy into Bank of Beijing in March to Dutch rival ING and the World Bank's International Finance Corp.

&LSOf.\Es0 商务英语词汇 ~0YBe)o8sK"x


TdL L S/uYM0

'VXc l P1W&P0Stephen Liu Yiu-keung and Yeo Boon-ann have been appointed as joint liquidatorsof the company, to implement the transactions outlined in the Settlement Deed.商务英语词汇kLB_J%Z'a+D _

vU `z)}x2p j0brisk:兴旺的;生机勃勃的商务英语词汇4W7t}9jv


It is estimated that the sales volume of gold and jewelry during the week-long holiday saw a year-on-year increase of around 35 percent as business was brisk throughout the country商务英语词汇6N%{R9E{V"a~

$? vh4@u|n&p0at a discount:打折扣


d.rEPa"l/d0The valuation is at a discount to the country's number-five lender, Bank of Communications (BoCom), whose shares trade at about 2.2 times book.


r6yQ:N3_g+I1z$_0peak season:高峰期商务英语词汇/UUv0~5Qibx

商务英语词汇~}f:]!eCh u'c/O

The first and last three days will be thepeak season of the National Day holiday. The aviation industry has entered into high season, with 400,000 passengers transporting everyday and load factor is close to 75 percent.商务英语词汇,lWu8LlWz1q9F%h

{}x1nhwm!i[0v)\0headcount:职员总数商务英语词汇4cc(k A/R L.|$P`


“These headcount reductions are indispensable. They will contribute to significant improvements in the competitiveness of Mercedes-Benz through an increase in productivity,” the company said.

YsR` M#e_0

X;E_j,_9kq,y0bow out:由…退出

(H4h1C;oK~*uC&v0 商务英语词汇#q`W*m4m,Q

Dozens of MP3 player manufacturers in Shenzhen are bowing outas fierce competition has severely squeezed their profit margins.商务英语词汇7GG(ZU't)BWb!r.| rX

9V mxC/uo/iN-th q0market maker:做市商


PL(MzGM/w0The People's Bank of China may name banks including HSBC Holdings Plc., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of China as market makers in the yuan, a step toward a freely traded currency, bankers and traders familiar with the situation said.商务英语词汇6Z*Sq3M+{c@ |g&A7h

商务英语词汇w B#^K-~"Z'dpTq5g

tone up:增加商务英语词汇G g]Neo.Q

|}1kh#W#V3l ub0“These firms make a decisive contribution to job creation. Our aim is to liberate their massive potential to improve competitiveness, tone up employment, boost economic growth and encourage social cohesion,” Sioufas said.商务英语词汇,SUJwW's0\r&Sa

}-B'UE8N!a~0gyration:波动商务英语词汇w%j W!YyR

m(yr_&FI9f"F`M0Disruptions to oil and gas supplies may add to energy price gyrations,they said.商务英语词汇t3\Z,[)y N|^(|*v

sGuYH,J,~2k0wean off:使脱离商务英语词汇3|+l3j!Z@C;e*j jV

商务英语词汇'D9@;E VT-j{

China's central bank pledged Monday to keep the newly unshackled yuan basically stable but urged fresh efforts to wean the economy off export-driven growth.

] hKlP0

U NP iG0curb:抑制;控制商务英语词汇f,?l%t?(c8U

商务英语词汇u)M5X Ylfy

The physical and psychological damage caused by Hurricane Katrina is likely to reverberate across the global economy in ways that will curb growth well into 2006, economists say.商务英语词汇8t(Qn3Ap4Y3t$CR,fx

商务英语词汇 u6z5f*rS

perk up:振作起来


c9D&Wj2I0There were no significant changes from prior quarters, and SupportSoft met revenue estimates. During the conference call, however, management raised an issue that made my ears perk up.

,X;tFvv`1U0NE0 商务英语词汇-{RSB M?


,~ @{2i ` }*j0 商务英语词汇W:gl8lc8]v,C$p

In an effort to gain some control over what motorists pay at the pump, Hawaii on Wednesday became the first state in the U.S. to set caps on the wholesale price of gasoline.商务英语词汇6F8x,wZ eAn2@C

1|$b8Z%?zDV1b}0mortgage:抵押贷款商务英语词汇,kB9o;b |nF


Rates on 30-year mortgages declined this week after posting increases for six consecutive weeks.

+lV+Ia }8\u l0



"Y6^b"K*})|U8baO0The Internet search leader said it will use the proceeds for “general corporate purposes,” including possible acquisitions. Google added that it currently has no agreements or commitments to make a material purchase.商务英语词汇X \8RyqL5E



sB%Q0e\)a$X;X0“Six weeks after the July 7 attacks killed 56 people, including four suicide bombers, the Greater London Authority (GLA) accepts there has been some downturn,”the economic daily reported.

zx+s#p#m}0 商务英语词汇 Iqp8S\V0c

inflation :通货膨胀商务英语词汇'v"]l#aw,D


Consumer inflation shot up in July as rising gasoline prices pinched drivers' wallets from coast to coast.

VkE X n3x0

J eJ uO.Fw6JV"e]D0Initial public offering:公开募股


*U0E ~^TAJ0Now the startup founded by two Chinese veterans of American tech firms is preparing to follow Google's example with an initial public offering in the United States, hoping to raise $45 million.


zCj5{_i X0Skew:曲解;歪曲

]~y ON.y0 商务英语词汇i%H5o'Y*Ui0C

However, that comparison is skewed because the sale of IBM's personal computer division to China's Lenovo Group Ltd. closed on May 1, lowering the figures IBM posted in the remaining two months of the quarter. Looking only at continuing operations, IBM showed a profit of $1.85 billion, $1.14 per share.


R K1CG-fX/v*I0Population:种群,族群

p d|/H,s b9[r|-?0 商务英语词汇 u:v:J6TM

“There are clear differences between the two populations that had not been previously recognized and these were confirmed by the studies on DNA,” said Isabel Beasley, a doctoral student at James Cook University's School of Tropical Environmental Studies and Geography.


Mo!I/a$Qa+R e4ev0Unionized:工会组织的

,s9cE\ BzY2y0

+y9UuAuv,|0But aside from giving interns valuable experience, the program is a relatively cheap source of labor for Disney and sometimes worries the unionized workers, although union officials approved the program when it began almost 25 years ago.


(yyG I'b8?M2^c6?0Same-store sales:同店销售额商务英语词汇5w+n"X/a F

商务英语词汇 Ul#IZ'KM#XT

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. raised its forecast for June same-store sales, citing demand for seasonal and general merchandise.商务英语词汇.D|0M"L9?/@/Q.q8PE5]

商务英语词汇r M#g]}m'y!l



"E ci!_\0With $60 no longer a threshold - and with continued concerns about refining capacities - prices appeared set to go even higher, analysts said.商务英语词汇eY uc#JCX

商务英语词汇 Go$AHcm:{


3EF2_)_?:E(r0Entrepreneurs grumble that executives pander to big-ticket electronics vendors and industrial manufacturers - not the teddy bear enthusiasts and numismatists who were faithful a decade ago, when eBay was founded and enjoyed a kitschy obscurity. They complain about shoddy customer service, including site crashes and anti-fraud software that too often mistakes a legitimate business for a huckster.

UG#vR:e"rA9D0 商务英语词汇5p#T8f4ta"e



pil#zJ.VaFA0The anticipated increase would bring the official quota to 28 million barrels per day - a symbolic gesture, analysts said, since the cartel is already pumping that much. Including Iraq, which is not bound by the official quota, OPEC's daily output was 29.3 million barrels a day in May, according to the International Energy Agency.



:LKnOCp.E0The April figure was also better than the 4.5 percent forecast by economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires.


n O[vn0s+?H \R0Happy Hour:欢乐时光商务英语词汇N0]Ci'U0V Ag

Y;@6yMC0i+a0Beer-swilling Britons face a sobering prospect: an unhappy hour. A group representing about half the country's pubs and bars said Monday it is curbing Happy Hour offers and other deals that encourage irresponsible drinking, a British pastime that has come under increasing attack from the government.商务英语词汇;`l/v z6ykJ


Bear out:证实


XX1W.Art0Scientists are excited about a vitamin again. But unlike fads that sizzled and fizzled, the evidence this time is strong and keeps growing. If it bears out, it will challenge one of medicine's most fundamental beliefs: that people need to coat themselves with sunscreen whenever they're in the sun. Doing that may actually contribute to far more cancer deaths than it prevents, some researchers think.商务英语词汇&_a*IRSXQ1]h


*LF4NZr"VR2oV0The goal of the merger is to stitch together two geographically distinct carriers with a history of financial struggles into a stronger airline that would compete better with lower-cost rivals such as Southwest Airlines Inc. and JetBlue Airways Corp. US Airways has a strong presence on the East Coast, and in the Caribbean, while America West operates across the West from hubs in Phoenix and Las Vegas.商务英语词汇.?(bTw;\F cm

商务英语词汇w NgS)U$Rr:`$hK


k[Q6G({*Ea0Wine lovers can't be barred from shipping home bottles purchased from out-of-state vineyards they visit in person or on the Internet, the Supreme Court said Monday in a decision toasted by the wine industry.商务英语词汇n ``Mgl!S/xH



FE1d:Pf4w%GL7Lz0 商务英语词汇/JyW p]"Ir

Disney's profit of $698 million, or 33 cents a share, was a shade above Wall Street estimates and contrasts with the $537 million, or 26 cents, it earned a year earlier. Revenue in the period ended April 2 climbed 9% to $7.8 billion.商务英语词汇K)n1X(^fs Ik


|x7y0l_d1P0 商务英语词汇+t\;ezn5X

Bahrain has its own agreement awaiting U.S. Congress ratification. Two other members of the six-state Gulf Cooperation Council —— Oman and the United Arab Emirates —— have started talks on free trade deals with the U.S.商务英语词汇R6u"u5I}


Repellent:驱虫剂商务英语词汇,tw]s%AA)u Z

bn2csG0After years of promoting the chemical DEET as the best defense against West Nile-bearing mosquitoes, the government for the first time is recommending the use of two other insect repellents.

+KPP+_ y.\0

wTv&y }#m z0Thriller:惊悚片商务英语词汇 _ux@&M1CRr)OU@

Pz3\(D^mu0Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn's “The Interpreter” translated into solid box-office as the United Nations thriller debuted with $22.8 million to top the weekend for Hollywood.

;Ke(y+n$m XUT8T0 商务英语词汇kws:P,j%dP$}



ies3h-HOv0The “MareNostrum,” built by IBM Corp., boasts 40 teraflops of speed. It can make more calculations in one second than a human pecking at a calculator could make in 10 million years.


@|2O-RW D jO0Buyout:全部买下商务英语词汇3tW/R\S


Shares in Lenovo Group, the largest Chinese maker of personal computers, rose Thursday after three buyout funds bought a stake in the company for $350 million.商务英语词汇bTK*P1Hkv&i$b

商务英语词汇 Pn5dC Rzn,V3L


3Vw0PL*zH0Mr Hurd, currently head of smaller US computer services group NCR, will replace Carly Fiorina, who was ousted from HP in February. HP's shares closed up 8.1% in Tuesday trading in New York, following initial speculation of Mr Hurd's appointment.商务英语词汇"M1]7v.Pl$Y']8@|9`



A judge has ordered Sony Corp. to pay $90.7 million to a company that develops technology that enhances video game realism but immediately stayed an order that would halt U.S. sales of Sony's popular PlayStation consoles.商务英语词汇,_1x#`!EG9c)T

$uN@4]W0^S/~"}a d0Epizootic:家畜流行病

c1@G,~w4S0d0 商务英语词汇,JtJCg~`;P6P/S? s

The report said the State Emergency Veterinary and Anti-Epizootic Committee was working on the problem, reporting outbreaks in “a few” locations, including the Hadang Chicken Farm, one of Pyongyang's largest.商务英语词汇IZBG ^(g&A^e0}



4]TX1X.ZU"vsX0Bernard Ebbers, the once-swaggering CEO of WorldCom, was convicted Tuesday of engineering the largest corporate fraud in U.S. history - an $11 billion accounting scandal that capsized the big telecom company three years ago.商务英语词汇jF'B5s+E|)\Z



s@2f~3EAb0 商务英语词汇2zsR)Qh i

Lenovo Group has obtained U.S. government clearance for the purchase of IBM's PC unit.商务英语词汇,o`:P;s;J1nY'ZS$Q

)jE.P-T+SU]0nAh0Fish out of water:如鱼离水商务英语词汇xi!a(w f;Tz#@,c$rw

l x8}L:yp}0“'Pacifier' did better than anyone expected, but you can't underestimate the family audience,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Exhibitor Relations Co., which tracks box-office figures. “I think people like to see a fish-out-of-water story, an action star in a very unexpected role.”


%tpN%\bJO'PY8|0Distillate fuel:馏出燃料商务英语词汇&BR:A$r%LP+H)r


On Wednesday, a US government report showed that inventories of distillate fuel, a category that include heating oil and diesel, fell 1.7 million barrels to 110 million. Analysts had expected a 1.2-million-barrel decline.



&V;n_Uq*AH N8f]0 商务英语词汇f&|2]4k_;T

The PSP machine, a challenger to Nintendo Co.'s long-standing grip on the handheld video gaming market, will be sold as a “value pack” for $250 in the United States and for $300 Canadian dollars. It will include numerous accessories and - for the first million sold - a copy of the “Spider-Man 2” movie on the new Universal Media Disc format that Sony designed for the PSP.商务英语词汇R;C/Y \K+w5agE%P"j

商务英语词汇_%J[ P&IE O

Shoot up:暴涨,迅速生长商务英语词汇~o+I lG"xcX*n8d

Xq(T S+R#Y7v8|0Shares in Google jumped 9 percent to a record high after the company reported net income shot up more than seven times from a year earlier, beating estimates by a wide margin.商务英语词汇uu.qk,P,RSyn


v(f#\({fMx{:ts0The devastating tsunami that wiped out cities, seaside communities and holiday resorts in southern Asia has not put holidaymakers off visiting the region, a survey has found.

#H'T%_ ^ ^0

f"^s-mz\7U0Get an edge:取胜

cGUg1F)P;`%L ks0 商务英语词汇:^YB~*x1DS

When it comes to recruiting students for college, admissions officials are turning to increasingly outlandish stunts to get the attention of high schoolers. Birthday cards, ski weekends and even reality TV shows are being used by colleges and universities to get an edge.

+t%F"sPpa2U0 商务英语词汇)B5Y-ccD3T&L$r


商务英语词汇G ^)l+p*Xk I

Hiring the shirtsleeve crowd represents a shift in the economy toward higher-paying jobs and a more skilled workforce. It also indicates that some companies that squeezed their middle managements four years ago are starting to rebuild them.

/^X)Dj0SA0 商务英语词汇tE | du,\ w

assembly line:装配线


W0xn(mD:MQ0Airbus agreed with Premier Wen Jiabao on Sunday to study the possibility of setting up an assembly line in China —— a move that could see its jets being built outside Europe for the first time.

W/MB gW(r'j"g0


F9o0w BpQ,l?]o0

V V0eJ a-v ^ L1n0Wagoner said the job cuts will come primarily through attrition and early-retirement packages to mitigate the impact on workers.商务英语词汇'i/lL(eEO

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