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Start sex on the right key with musical condoms

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jt{zW8E Y0今年情人节不收礼 收礼只收音乐安全套

Idom musical condom商务英语词汇ZI"^g/j u1h8p


#F4A}8H#A3v~+P0Forget chocolates or roses this Valentine's Day -- a gift of musical condoms is bound to be more entertaining. 商务英语词汇 mUx~"R8M

Hong Kong's condom maker Ondo Creation hopes its Idom sheathes will put a more romantic spin on safe sex.

:X;x$Z9K ^zc0The Idom itself doesn't sing -- but the mint, strawberry, chocolate and banana flavored condoms come in an attractive package with a music CD to get you in the mood for love.

w5h4u,mC0"We create an environment for lovers who would like to try a different experience," said Victor Tsang who runs Ondo Creation. 商务英语词汇3Dx0_^yZ;o4D

"We try to create products that are not embarrassing, but very trendy and hip." he added. 商务英语词汇q;gz F8N$|%[bY|

Cynics may scoff at the marketing gloss, but the 18 month start-up's products sell across the world. The firm also won a bronze medal in the Industrial Design Excellence Awards run in conjunction with BusinessWeek magazine, which said Ondo had managed to "revitalize the image of condoms."

t6A4w$kiP0Tsang says his product was inspired by a desire to promote safe sex and to provide a fun, relaxed alternative for what he calls "more conservative" customers.

:f"WHbKr @0The brand eschews regular prophylactic distributors, instead peddling its wares in bookstores, record shops and trendy nightspots in a long list of cities that includes Hong Kong, London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Singapore. 商务英语词汇Z)r$\w5K6W:j

"We're targeting more lifestyle stores, rather than pharmacies," said Tsang. 商务英语词汇 L@b-H6hrk8c

Tsang expected a 30 percent surge in sales ahead of Valentine's Day.

B!Dc5i7A0The Idom's Exotica, Chocotasy and Loveberry brands come with CD compilations of chillout , acid jazz and dance music.

Kg5n-zGUV0 商务英语词汇 QQKH;yeot

今年情人节还送巧克力和玫瑰吗?改送“音乐安全套”吧!这个礼物一定更有情调。 商务英语词汇lL"OY!\


香港安全套制造商Ondo创意公司希望,这款名为Idom的“音乐安全套”能为安全性生活增添一丝浪漫色彩。 商务英语词汇qfL!z'E#] F8[2{3V+W

5ro Itd7B\1z0Idom安全套本身并不会唱歌,但一张音乐CD加上薄荷、草莓、巧克力、香蕉等多种“口味”安全套的精美组合,则可以让人很快进入状态。

zPL!z p8L K"c s0 商务英语词汇P0q2A:O%Jh-Pm

Ondo创意公司的总经理Victor Tsang说:“我们为那些想拥有另一种性爱体验的人营造了一种氛围。” 商务英语词汇(P3|0`&f1pqD0` k;]]



2A U2CoxT0有些愤世嫉俗者可能会嘲讽这种营销手段,但事实证明,这家成立了仅18个月的公司生产的产品畅销全球。此外,Ondo创意公司还荣获了“工业优秀设计奖”铜牌,联合主办方美国《商业周刊》评价说,Ondo公司“为安全套注入了新活力”。 商务英语词汇/~(V%w|F3CH

| q*?v'y$f"v lh0唐先生说,他们生产这种安全套的出发点在于提高安全性生活,以及为那些“较为保守”的顾客提供一种轻松有趣的选择。

^,H:{)x FH,B C,zr0

xVZ0GTX@0Idom音乐安全套在一般的避孕工具售卖点买不到,相反,在香港、伦敦、巴黎、斯德哥尔摩、阿姆斯特丹、东京、新加坡等很多城市的书店、音像店和夜总会却有售。 商务英语词汇r0N(~1lAx

$Y wMi0L:`p2Azt2M0唐先生说:"我们主要通过'生活方式店'来销售,而不是药店。"


| u I t#_4Z0据唐先生估计,情人节前这款安全套的销量会上升30%。

s$[Qw\8|l0 商务英语词汇:l:fa:W5f] B

Idom安全套包括奇妙异趣、梦幻巧克力和果之恋三大系列产品,配套的CD以休闲音乐、酸爵士和舞曲为主。商务英语词汇/AR/RfdUW y

V0Y Ay({ N0Vocabulary:        商务英语词汇5A"s;Q3Se4jI
chillout : 此处指“休闲放松的音乐”

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