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Av'o u ]@(hSIq!e6B01.从善如流 do good naturally and happily; take advice with a receptive mind; readily follow what is right商务英语词汇O1A5yL9pM@5I

*M2g3xS @{ J02.自欺欺人 deceive oneself as well as others

2[ B scR5uJ f,Kw0

q?bpk3w~A_03.顺民意, 合民情 accord with the popular will and sentiments商务英语词汇*~6I"a*w E` I

;Ot,j@Ta04.全国人大高票通过《反分裂国家法》(实际上没有反对票) The NPC passed the Anti-Secession Law with no dissenting The NPC passed the Anti-Secession Law with noopposing vote.商务英语词汇3u6A@,Kdtzc

商务英语词汇1n;y M.j+z\aa)d/a{,d,h

5.两国边境地区可以说是阡陌相通, 鸡犬之声相闻 (中缅关系) China and Myanmar are close neighbors, with their border people living within hailing distance.

@D[Os3?0 商务英语词汇3eCdK a3P y

6.我们不应该厚此薄彼。 We should not favor one to the neglect of the other. /We should not favor one over the other./ We should not play favoritism.

:~uY*I2y9R nUY$J0 商务英语词汇'pO.lEv Y%a#ZU

7.走自己的路, 让别人说去吧。 Go one’s own way, whatever others may say.

Q}q f[XA*mKE0

ELRx6f4M5e08.讲公道话, 办公道事 Fair in word and deed./ Act fair and square.

T5SN:FOC h9dt0

"P+UKE%m0^&n09.黄金发展期 golden/rare/prime period of development商务英语词汇N#ee,u7e JJ;g[

| Q0Hn-ia.I1\$_010.矛盾凸显期 (二十一世纪上半叶,我们既面临“黄金发展期”,又面对矛盾凸显期。) a period of increasing problems a period of major challenges

5y"f7Y{0Yi8wc[0 商务英语词汇I Bio`0a

11.赢得主动 to take the initiative; to gain the upper hand to master the situation商务英语词汇^bq1C$z9l+B9]

商务英语词汇.G/v,r3H%[#O.j L

12.整体资源 use pooled/all/aggregate resources


3wJ7HRR,b(O8G013.随着世界制造业大规模向中国大规模转移,也带来一定程度的“能耗转移”。 The massive shift of manufacturing to China has also brought about a transfer of energy consumption(to a certain degree).

uN k%z"Ia0 商务英语词汇iQ,Z cT3{$|5S ko1Wd

14.在经济和社会协调过程中的一系列两难问题 dilemma in the process of coordinating economic and social development

8hA.LL O)k7g6eF0

c'\s#uW015.高投入,高消耗,高污染的旧式工业化道路 the old-style industrialization characterized by/with/ featuring high input, high consumption and high pollution商务英语词汇W'F#@H"I S9z


16.不合时宜的社会治理模式 outdated governance

I&KO2E*ww0 商务英语词汇u2q`Uhj4wj'l

17.后发优势 advantages of a late comer商务英语词汇9A^R-z(X2OZ-@

商务英语词汇 ^._D |(f3p

18.中等收入阶层 middle-income group/section商务英语词汇 n-}"qDa0FmW

商务英语词汇 l Q ^;Z+I|E;uS

19.中国特色的人力资源优势 China’s advantage in human resources商务英语词汇A/[*mF8`0YT B U

商务英语词汇y,r@O B { `

20.世界经验还要借鉴下去,中国特色还要坚持下去。 We will continue to draw on foreign experience while maintaining Chinese characteristics.


S0A4Kl%[021.(消费结构)基本生活型 consumption pattern of low-income groups;consumption pattern of meeting the basic needs of life商务英语词汇 `&Os_!gJ)Pf*E

Yt]$\qA b-p8X?022.现代生活型 modern-life consumption pattern商务英语词汇7J6J?t*zk X

9J(xfPMWpS023.(在爱滋病区)实行免费匿名检测 free and confidential test商务英语词汇 \+hdG+m

商务英语词汇8LRXgg Ki(O{

24.(政协)反映社情民意 to reflect social conditions and public opinion

*g i abr0

rV"d-T(R!`B e!QK025.忧患意识和塑造意识 sense of urgency and willingness to initiate /to shape things

Nj e bm'm8l0 商务英语词汇 ](i cJ/Y~D-R|

26.两元经济结构 urban-rural dual economy商务英语词汇3b)O*[4o`5c2[ ~

商务英语词汇5y2c!yMW A%s"m Xr

27.科学发展观 to take a scientific approach to development;商务英语词汇-`as-i8w6@!zj)u9k

h*Q/BoO?6s0to pursue a scientific strategy of development商务英语词汇.LJ+Bdl

商务英语词汇mK&r Y:fW]

28.第十一个五年规划 the 11th five-year development guidelines

C\"wCU[0 商务英语词汇,} k,oqS pt c Q#C

29.生活垃圾无害化处理 domestic garbage was harmlessly treated;

"q6g"o;D `&rBB0 商务英语词汇Ay#Q1f.}

innocuous disposal of domestic garbage

{kX@$FV7?|0 商务英语词汇flJ/L$qA0e

30.绿化覆盖率 greenery coverage商务英语词汇'Z1cG5CO8R"c&O U9Cf/k


31.农村土地确权 verify/establish rural land-use rights

(@ z+|hG)z0

,p${ R-| H032.多点支撑的增长局面初步形成

:but*^&E0 商务英语词汇Ht:D$i RK d

economic growth has been brought/driven by multiple props/driving forces /multi-stimuli商务英语词汇%?.Pl7R'B8g0@

;bv!O D7?,e033.会展经济 conference economy

&xZ-V? i v0 商务英语词汇WbG'_r

34.城乡一体的紧急医疗救援体系 integrated urban-rural emergency medical service system商务英语词汇2C7k[1T!ys)j y

N q%B:jTF035.全程办事代理制 full range agent service; through agent service


n$Q!\ M9x036.“一站式”办公 one-stop service商务英语词汇[];X^?UJy

商务英语词汇3[ o{*h/M3`Up9w(g

37.降低企业准入门槛 lower the threshold for market entry/access商务英语词汇s3kv q3t^v.k:\

;j S xCOH|!u038.工伤保险 work-related injury insurance

.W;Da/L `{3Q0 商务英语词汇i Am`(`i,T q#t

39.社会守法意识、公德意识有待增强 to strengthen law-abiding and social ethics awareness

&t tf tYrl0 商务英语词汇 [+f/B9|oL7t+c2~.L

40.城市快速路 city express way

H:p ?&S:yIg0X A0 商务英语词汇cV:m dV)g5d:xZ*n A"S

41.城市主干路 city thoroughfare/avenue商务英语词汇8jX ^T k~`&s%s

6?)I]'j] d0c,_042.公共客运系统 mass transit system商务英语词汇i4M;s2_j DMeoZ

G\&hK?,~VSY043.建设园林景观道路 to landscape roads商务英语词汇7Lc^3Y"?Q#ig

0Ub2H/E[.BH?044.积极承接国际服务业的外包转移 seek more service jobs outsourced by foreign countries/companies商务英语词汇|SV [6t&A,dOFA4[

wj2tq h;WD:q3_045.都市型农业 urban agriculture

m.V5TT#Vp?0 商务英语词汇i/{$F,B)RG{~

46.(基本完成)国有大中型企业主辅分离、辅业改制任务 separate supporting operations from core operations in large and medium-sized SOEs and turn the former into independent companies(businesses/entities)商务英语词汇X0A1C#b4O@

商务英语词汇 bM/C3]B(`MS

47.社会化服务体系 commercialized/outsourced services

8wc-] y*J+`,M0

?m$oJMi*B{048.经营性社会事业项目 public services; profit-making public services商务英语词汇$g/V6i \;NM0S#D3})|@5z:z

商务英语词汇y G4x;D"c2r_0H

49.中央在京高等教育资源优势 the concentration of high education resources under the central authorities located in Beijing

.h!d7C-p&nt]t n0 商务英语词汇"I.G/RG CE:E|

50.光机电一体化 optomechatronics(the integration of optics, mechanics and electronics)

Cx+nq1@7@SV w+k0

A+ba b*T Bp051.加大对收受回扣、“红包”和乱收费等问题的治理力度 redouble efforts to prevent kickbacks, “red envelope”bribes and other improper charges in medical service


rJIPQb:RsN052.反省侵略历史 reproach itself for its past aggression

/\s5s qQ'\)b0}0 商务英语词汇u {n | OAS \9IF*Z.]m

53.尊重人才 value competent/professional people

RM&RO+x*N&xA;I)V_e0 商务英语词汇3cgfg q U}6a

54.思想道德建设 moral/ethical education

e K(L5e,vj$d0 商务英语词汇"py:j??3x'w d.@T

55.现在达到的小康还是低水平的、不全面的、发展很不平衡的小康 The kind of “xiaokang”(moderate prosperity)obtained so far is still a low-level, incomplete and unbalanced one.商务英语词汇'Ppd qE%x

商务英语词汇7z w \m&W9M7QU

57.党和国家的集中统一 the centralization and unity of the Party as well as the state商务英语词汇*\V0P,}~

商务英语词汇]4C4o:V g Y#k

58.加强党性修养 cultivate their Party spirit商务英语词汇'r9eoxr


59.人文交流 cultural and educational exchanges商务英语词汇 sm4lrl

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