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U}1y-~-\2LCYR01)There are three reasons for this.
Y%I&C MLy Z5a02)The reasons for this are as follows. 商务英语词汇6{&qf ]{0cm
3)The reason for this is obvious. 商务英语词汇P!iDd1^6|
4)The reason for this is not far to seek. 商务英语词汇Z2p2Kg F0eM
5)The reason for this is that...
6kW:z9W*Dd v06)We have good reason to believe that...
#uEF2Em+l0There are three reasons for the changes that have taken place in our life.Firstly,people’s living standard has been greatly improved.Secondly,most people are well paid, and they can afford what they need or like.Last but not least,more and more people prefer to enjoy modern life.
RT*y9?U0注:如考生写第一个句子没有把握,可将其改写成两个句子。如:Great changes have taken place in our life. There are three reasons for this.这样写可以避免套用中的表达失误。

3H U:^Q:X0

)F%L1wz:d2|.dz s02.表示好处 商务英语词汇,M7K%SU7l8\+G
1)It has the following advantages.
{ `9I,b/j"si W02)It does us a lot of good. 商务英语词汇b0S5n6r0`8X8e)?#\T
3)It benefits us quite a lot.
+MB4tP#yW.V!INc8U04)It is beneficial to us.
-o fd4`-mF/{}05)It is of great benefit to us. 商务英语词汇$W-xe J{
例如: 商务英语词汇2C2y-Q"~zW-w5^+ApF
Books are like friends.They can help us know the world better,and they can open our minds and widen our horizons.Therefore,reading extensively is of great benefit to us. 商务英语词汇(q+x"]\[6{\vz

商务英语词汇0H3gkE Zq:T

]J&n'K3U9a01)It has more disadvantages than advantages.
$Y4K,R5``{,}02)It does us much harm.
bC~Nz FD(rN6`03)It is harmful to us.
#m.?-z;KxT@e0例如: 商务英语词汇9W,| u"C z|S
However,everything divides into two.Television can also be harmful to us.It can do harm to our health and make us lazy if we spend too much time watching television.


Ued.v|04.表示重要、必要、困难、方便、可能 商务英语词汇 Q1f%EQ+}:M
1)It is important(necessary,difficult,convenient, possible)for sb.to do sth. 商务英语词汇"D,o @,p8c"v3y
2)We think it necessary to do sth.
Is8k}0z$?&s03)It plays an important role in our life.
*WFa`.OI0例如: 商务英语词汇8kct F ]:_B@
Computers are now being used everywhere,whether in the government,in schools or in business.Soon, computers will be found in every home,too.We have good reason to say that computers are playing an increasingly important role in our life and we have stepped into the Computer Age.


UV{Y'a/C05.表示措施 商务英语词汇 U UNz&r+_V
1)We should take some effective measures.
NR1J8KZB02)We should try our best to overcome(conquer)the difficulties.
W{d3q a8@/UZ03)We should do our utmost in doing sth. 商务英语词汇 hi9eM2_u v$I
4)We should solve the problems that we are confronted(faced)with.
)i3hlg*kk,]0The housing problem that we are confronted with is becoming more and more serious.Therefore,we must take some effective measures to solve it.

*P2m({W!m j+`I v%t8[&R0 商务英语词汇F4wO:Q|f4l n9z

;h'Z"Nl&G.P C b4D.x01)Some changes have taken place in the past five years. 商务英语词汇HG$L+S A
2)A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s communications.
i aU qa'O:Cm h9V/n03)The computer has brought about many changes in education.
e]5e/A$TE0MT8v!Z0例如: 商务英语词汇hZ OO3}V9U
Some changes have taken place in people’s diet in the past five years.The major reasons for these changes are not far to seek.Nowadays,more and more people are switching from grain to meat for protein,and from fruit and vegetable to milk for vitamins.

w}-n:B fLJ{v5t/O`0

%Z:D2m7sn9F#w8O`01)We cannot ignore the fact that...
.l-V B$YZ&I*|02)No one can deny the fact that... 商务英语词汇J []#d(N
3)There is no denying the fact that...
C/?1QEmC?9V)a6_0g6K04)This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. 商务英语词汇"g8Zm}R qKX
5)However,that’s not the case.
,f9~bj ]S9x0We cannot ignore the fact that industrialization brings with it the problems of pollution.To solve these problems, we can start by educating the public about the hazards of pollution.The government on its part should also design stricter laws to promote a cleaner environment. 商务英语词汇;P [$dV3Jf fm2]-Y

商务英语词汇-~8mJ4A P

y:D qG!u+P9Z5g'cT01)Compared with A,B...
[0| b3ks1C.qX02)I prefer to read rather than watch TV.
nN!rt ^M03)There is a striking contrast between them.
1VE3]5}v W6q0例如: 商务英语词汇C(G/Bs[^R H[
Compared with cars,bicycles have several advantages besides being affordable.Firstly,they do not consume natural resources of petroleum.Secondly,they do not cause the pollution problem.Last but not least,they contribute to people’s health by giving them due physical exercise. 商务英语词汇 O h{H5F[TU

Ekp3A+j}/Y,{4X Q09.表示数量
z/Z/N B~1KD6F01)It has increased(decreased)from...to... 商务英语词汇2p$qu$g \7Q
2)The population in this city has now increased (decreased)to 800,000. 商务英语词汇4TSB"aX Jb
3)The output of July in this factory increased by 15% compared with that of January. 商务英语词汇!e*O{#Bbp
U(N.miS+Yl9}7p0With the improvement of the living standard,the proportion of people’s income spent on food has decreased while that spent on education has increased. 商务英语词汇E dZVj
M(] k7XXu0From the graph listed above,it can be seen that student use of computers has increased from an average of less than two hours per week in 1990 to 20 hours in 2000. 商务英语词汇+k/JNTd K6A

RJ&uuw bt010.表示看法
szr'k9^5{k01)People have(take,adopt,assume)different attitudes towards sth.
Csd(z,|;cs02)People have different opinions on this problem. 商务英语词汇3m c`)v `L1q*_
3)People take different views of(on)the question.
n hQlD1h C,|Xg04)Some people believe that...Others argue that...
#Sfz7U#P0例如: 商务英语词汇(t$FE+rbj!P
People have different attitudes towards failure.Some believe that failure leads to success. 商务英语词汇y+Le*J1C1Gg M1\?!}r
Every failure they experience translates into a greater chance of success at their renewed endeavor.However, others are easily discouraged by failures and put themselves into the category of losers.
rSk9l`R2X,}0Do “lucky numbersreally bring good luck?Different people have different views on it.

'i3~pp.~AZ0 商务英语词汇-Yf8^'PyP3`k Y5m#{

#kX(@;h$o01)In short,it can be said that ... 商务英语词汇'{v ~YCji+b X*Fx
2)It may be briefly summed up as follows. 商务英语词汇O0C#j;A8z%jQG
3)From what has been mentioned above,we can come to the conclusion that ... 商务英语词汇 a&i f+q3C8l0ae.I/J5u,W&?$m
例如: 商务英语词汇O'Q7|"P(e:}a
From what has been mentioned above,we can come to the conclusion that examination is necessary,however, its method should be improved. 商务英语词汇Q5e^xi,[sC
注:例句1可用于任何一个段落的结论句;例句3则多用文章结论段的第一句。 商务英语词汇mh,I"rZ\"c%T%?`


u8e%o0w4T01)It’s well known to us that ...
n5f MX#r L02)As is known to us,...
.b#lY'm P03)This is a topic that is being widely talked about. 商务英语词汇,J,g3{k;fr
4)From the graph(table,chart)listed above,it can be seen that ... 商务英语词汇@*r+xP,b]f4z
5)As a proverb says,“Where there is a will,there is a way. 商务英语词汇{u2{@A b8`6}
:nE:N-H1~4yF0As is well known to us,it is important for the students to know the world outside campus. 商务英语词汇eQ^-Qt"w!h)TqFZ]
The reason for this is obvious.Nowadays,the society is changing and developing rapidly,and the campus is no longer an “ivory tower.As college students,we must get in touch with the world outside the campus.Only in this way can we adapt ourselves to the society quickly after we graduate. 商务英语词汇v:{ s|ou.{8ZV
9\9]T@+q4P0Does it pay to be honest?This is a topic that is being widely talked about and different people have different opinions on it.商务英语词汇ATCed,SZ2~ _#j&I

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