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Person's Name - Special Meanings

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O'} o(Y7] S0?3bYU%P0Now the VOA Special English program: Words and Their Stories.

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8P8wm/T bY eg0A person’s name is very important. Some names also have special meanings in popular American expressions. To better understand what I mean, sit back and listen. You might even want to get a cup of Joe(一杯咖啡). I mean a cup of coffee.

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&MIdV)N @ FK:e,~0One day, an average Joe was walking down the street. An average Joe(普通人) is a common person either male or female. This average Joe was lost. He did not know Jack about(对……一无所知)where he was going. By this, I mean he did not know anything about where to find things in the city. 商务英语词汇dL f?b


So, Average Joe asked John Q Public for directions to the nearest bank. John Q Public(普通人) is also a common person, male or female. "Jeez, Lewis ! (天啊)." said John Q Public. This is an expression of surprise. "She is Louis! Don't you know that all banks are closed today? It is Saturday.” 商务英语词汇9`3Rh4}'At


"For Pete's sake(天啊)," said Average Joe. This is also an expression used to show a feeling like surprise or disappointment. "For Pete's sake, I do not believe you." said Average Joe. He was being a doubting Thomas(生性多疑的人), someone who does not believe anything he is told. 商务英语词汇7a,K;Y}zn\W


At that moment, Joe Blow(老百姓) was walking down the street with a woman. Joe Blow is also an expression for a common man. Now, this Joe Blow was not working next to a Plain Jane(不出色的女孩). A Plain Jane is a woman who is neither ugly nor pretty, she is simply plain.


:[ Y1o.`q7Z4W2o0Now the woman with Joe Blow was a real Sheila, a beautiful woman. Average Joe asked the woman if all banks were closed on Saturday. "No way hozay, Jose."(不可能的荷西,常用于熟人之间的拒绝做某事) she answered. This is a way of saying "No". "No way Jose". Many banks are open on Saturdays. Average Joe did not know either of these 2 people from Adam(素不相识). That is he did not know them at all, but he followed their directions to the nearest bank. 商务英语词汇t%`!a!b(az5qO"l5_

6TZcq QO0When he arrived, he walked to the desk of the chief bank employee. Now this man was a true jack-of-all-trades(万能先生,样样通无一精). He knew how to do everything.

3` ~/G\!sz2^1y I0 商务英语词汇]1qWf$eW/YQ

“I am here to withdraw some money, so I can pay my taxes to Uncle Sam.” said Average Joe. Uncle Sam(美国政府) represents the United States government. 商务英语词汇%YJ;|V8C6{%l o


The banker produced some papers and told Average Joe to sign his John Hancock at the bottom. A John Hancock(个人签名) is person’s signed name, a signature. Historically, John Hancock was one of the signers of the United States Declaration of Independence. Hancock had a beautiful signature and signed his name larger than all the others.

&ye9a i@XM0mBZ0 商务英语词汇.V;b)\ Dys

As Average Joe left the bank, he began to sing, but sadly, Average Joe was not a good singer. He was a Johnny One Note(不善歌唱的人). He could only sing one note.商务英语词汇ID\2]K]KK

M b8R/q"m:E6]0This VOA Special English program Words and Their Stories was written by Jill Moss. I’m Faith Lapidus.商务英语词汇w[&v ZVO

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